Your local optician is your eye care practitioner and will carry out a full contact lens assessment to check the health of your eyes and to update your contact lens prescription. You may be charged between £15 – £30 for the aftercare appointment and is normally carried out at least once a year.

In the UK it is a legal requirement to have your eyes checked (aftercare) professionally on a regular basis which is normally each year (sometimes once every 2 years) before you are allowed to have any further supply of lenses. This ensures that you can wear contact lenses safely.

According to the 1989 Opticians Act, your optician is obliged to issue you with a copy of your contact lens specification once the fitting for your lenses is complete and also after every aftercare check that you have on a yearly basis. If you don’t get a copy then ASK FOR IT! This should be issued without any additional charge and do not confuse it with your glasses prescription.

1Get a valid copy (not the glasses prescription) from your optician (signed and dated). You can ring your optician to post it to you.   

2email the prescription to us on  Alternatively send via watts app to our direct mobile number 07400 107527. Simply take a picture of your specification and forward to us. Your name, prescription, date of check and name of the optician all should be visible.

3Take a picture of your contact lens box showing the prescription and forward this to us too if possible via the mobile number or email address

We will verify this information with your Optician. It is recommended that you continue the annual checks with the same opticians that supplied and fitted you with lenses.