1. Have regular check-ups as advised by your optician.


2. Wash and dry your hands before inserting or removing your lenses.


3. Always apply the same lens first to help avoid mixing them up.


4. Check lenses are not inside out before inserting.


5. Check lenses are intact before inserting.


6. Always handle lenses carefully to avoid damage.


7. Insert lenses before applying make-up.


8. Take out your lenses before removing make-up.


9. Close your eyes when using hairspray or aerosols.


10. Discard lenses if they pass the expiry date shown on the foil (blister).


11. Remember daily disposables are for single use only.


12. Keep a spare pair of lenses with you.


13. Always have spare glasses with an up-to-date prescription.

Remember, if you feel discomfort, notice anything unusual about your eyes or think your vision is not as you would expect, consult your contact lens optician for advice.




1. .. Use tap water, or any other water, on your lenses.


2. ..Wet your lenses with saliva.


3. .. Insert a lens if it you drop it.


4. .. Insert a lens that looks dirty or damaged.


5. .. Continue to use your lenses if your eyes feel discomfort, vision is not as you would expect or if you notice anything unusual about your eyes.


6. ..Sleep in your lenses.


7. ..Swim in your lenses without goggles (same goes for hot tubs, water sports etc.)


8. ..Wear lenses in the shower.


9. ..Use any eye drops without first seeking advice from your contact lens optician.


10. ..Share contact lenses with other wearers.


11. ..Re-use your contact lenses (if daily disosables)