At coolcontacts we take the health of your eyes very seriously therefore we need you to confirm that you understand and agree to the following conditions that apply to the purchase of contact lenses.

1: That your contact lens specification has been issued within the last 12 months of your order. Your sight test (different to a contact lens prescription ) for glasses must be in date as well.

2: Your replacement lenses will be supplied according to the details given by you and that coolcontacts will trust that this information is the correct and valid contact lens specification provided by a qualified optician.

3: That you give us consent to contact your optician to verify your prescription details or obtaining a duplicate copy of your prescription if the need arises.

4: That you are successfully wearing contact lenses whose specification matches that of the contact lenses being ordered.

5: That you have not suffered from any eye condition requiring treatment and have not been advised to stop wearing contact lenses by your optician since the issue of your previous specification. You must inform us of your ocular health.

6: Coolcontacts will accept no responsibility if you lack suitability to wear contact lenses or if in risk of your ocular health as detailed in your specificationand we retain the right not to supply contact lenses. We also retain the right not to supply contact lenses if your order does not match your actual specification.

7: That you fully understand that contact lenses must be properly cleaned, properly maintained and used in strict conformance with the manufacturer’s instructions and under the instructions or advice provided by your optician. Failure to follow instructions for cleaning and care of your lenses could result in the risk of eye infections and compromising your vision.

8: That you understand that contact lenses are for your personal use only and must not be shared with anyone under any circumstance. By sharing, can result in the transfer of micro-organisms that can seriously damage the health of your eyes, infection or loss of vision.

9: That you will not sleep with your contact lenses unless specified by the manufacturer and that you have been tested and checked thoroughly by your optician that your eyes are suitable to sleep with these extended wear lenses.

10: That you will not wear your contact lenses for a period longer than advised by your optician.

11: If you experience pain, watering, redness, vision change, photophobia (light sensitivity) whilst wearing contact lenses, remove them immediately and consult your optician or go straight to A&E (Accident and Emergency).

12: We accept no liability for injury or damage to eyes due to an incorrect order placed by you.