1: SEND AN UP TO DATE COPY OF YOUR CONTACT LENS PRESCRIPTION (not the glasses prescription) BY THE FOLLOWING METHODS. (Note this has to include the Name of your optician and signed).

a:By whatsapp (take a picture of your specification) and/or the boxes of your current contact lens type to the following direct mobile number 07400 107527.

b: Our customer service email:

c: Alternatively, we can call your opticians on your behalf.

d: We can on your behalf place the complete order for you if preferred.

2: SELECT YOUR LENS TYPE either by name from the drop-down list or type lens type in the search box.  Not sure which lens type you have because its repackaged by your opticians? Not a problem , go to Repackaged lenses under Order Guide.

a: Select relevant Base Curve (BC), Diameter (DIAM) and Sphere (POWER) for each eye or just one eye depending in your requirements.  

b: Some lens types require additional information such as cylinder (CYL) and (AXIS) for those with Astigmatism

c: Other lens types require an (ADD) power for those with Multifocals.

3: SELECT QUANTITY. Add to basket then proceed to check out. Enter delivery address.

4: CHOOSE HOW YOU WANT TO PAY and check your order details. Submit order to complete transaction and remember all your personal details is protected by coolcontacts security guarantee.

5: AN EMAIL IS SENT OUT TO CONFIRM YOUR ORDER. Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery – (usually 3 days)

No need to create an account to place an order! However you can create an account for your convenience. You may alter your delivery address any time where necessary by signing into your account link. You can also use your work address if you prefer this.